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28 Days Program to live in alignment with your Feminine Cycle


28 days is no coincidence. The moon. Human cells. Your body.

When we truly align with our inner cycle, our power is infinite.

Elevating Womanhood, together


A world where women can live in harmony with their cycle - unconditionally.

You are here because you saw it too.


Studies show that a positive mindset can improve physical healing

This program does not replace professional medical guidance - rather, it aims at complementing it holistically.

Throughout each daily challenge, you will set your mind and belief on deserving optimal wellbeing.

Over the 28-day journey, you'll enhance your focus on what makes you thrive and which you can control.

By honouring your feelings, throughs and intuitions, you will build stronger confidence in your feminine body, mind and spirit.

For you if you:

Suffer gynaecological challenges with no cure and are looking for mental health tools to live with them

Have a complicated relationship with your female body or menstrual cycle

Pre or post menopausal, have periods or not - natural cycle or contraceptive

Struggle to be productive because of your cycle

Dream to live in a world were your cycle isn’t a shame, taboo and rather a strength

Went off pill and are looking for tools to embrace back your natural cycle

Need to go on hormones but still wish to remain in touch with your natural cycle

Are ready to thrive

Understanding the symbolic significance of my cycle was a game-changer

Our 28-day cycle takes us through joys and challenges, mirroring the archetypal phases of womanhood.

And when we nurture our relationship with these versions of ourselves that reflect our cycle's spiritual and physical changes, we find out how much they can offer us strength, care, inspiration, and wisdom.

My story

Like too many women, I was diagnosed with gynaecological condition after 10 years of pain and consultations.

After a pivotal surgery, I dedicated myself to learn how to thrive through menstrual troubles.

Passionate about sciences, technology and natural health practices, I explored in depth a dozen different methods.

This 28-day program is my soul’s work - offering tools and methods that have eased the symptoms and brought harmony to my life.

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Crafted with the most powerful holistic practices

With 12 years global career across tech, health, beauty & food and a business engineering education - I’ve also spent the past 7 years studying and integrating scientific principles into my Breathwork, Yoga, and Ayurveda certifications.

I’ve successfully tested various modalities, and combined the most effective methods into a daily journey towards improved well-being.

This program condenses my learnings to share with all women worldwide - so that we can rise together.

  • Jungian Shadow Work

    Shadow work (based on Carl Jung archetypes - founder of analytical psychology) helps explore and integrate disowned aspects of your psyche - light or shadows - with the goal of personal growth and self-acceptance.

  • Conscious Connected Circular Breathwork

    CCB is a cutting-edge Breathwork modality that restores your natural breathing rhythm, allowing your nervous system to access transformative subconscious states.

  • Guided Meditation & Visualisation

    Meditation brings peace to the mind and heart. Combined with with visualisation, it can guide your soul to embracing its true essence.

  • Sound Healing

    Based on the knowledge that each chakra and organ resonates with a particular frequency, sound healing is a technology that aims to retune these frequencies, using instruments or voices, for optimal health.

  • Yoga & Ayurveda

    Yoga (=yoke, representing union of the mind, body and spirit) and Ayurveda (ayur = life, veda = science) are ancient practices dedicated to balancing body and mind towards holistic well-being.

  • Chakra Alignment

    Chakras (= spinning wheels / vortices) are seven energy centres representing key areas of our existence. Balancing them improves the natural flow of energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

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Ready to journey through the natural rhythm of your being?

What makes endolina 28 days program uniquely powerful:

Join a 4-weeks transformational journey through each phase of your cycle, with guided focus on the four female archetypes, how to tap into their strengths & embrace their shadows


28 days is no coincidence. The moon. Human cells. Your body.

When we truly align with our inner cycle, our power is infinite.

Get exclusive access to 28 powerful 10-minute sessions, each uniquely and meticulously crafted, one for each day of the average 28 days feminine cycle

Acknowledge and engage deeply with the societal challenges of womanhood, gaining precious knowledge & tools to navigate these with grace and power

Get guided towards profound internal shifts with an advanced transformational breathwork technique enhanced by sound frequencies

Set the stage for significant personal growth and empowerment using deep visualization

Experience precise chakra alignment purely extracted from women’s collective consciousness

Harmonize your body, mind and spirit bringing them into alignment with your feminine cycle

Manifest the insights and energy shifts in your daily life thanks to short, actionable exercise concluding each session that you can carry into the rest of your day.